Monday, 9 February 2009

Happy Gambia

We had a little more coast time in Senegal, and our first dip in what felt like real warm water! We then set course for The Gambia, having heard so many bad things about Gambian borders and police we headed for Farafeni rather than Banjul. Being off the beaten track we figured it'd be less hassle. The usual illegitimate requests for money at the manic Senegalese border. The first place we've had people actually trying to open our car doors to sell us stuff. We then prepared ourselves for a showdown with the Gambians!

Surprisingly, it was totally problem free, the only issue caused by a misunderstanding. No requests for money, no one hassling us or trying to sell anything. We then popped into the market to try to pick up some more sturdy flip flops for Hannah. Again, totally hassle free, not being dragged into shops, people giving realistic prices - were we dreaming??

Next was the ferry, and our first dreaded police stop. Still no problems, he just directed us to where we needed to buy our ferry ticket. The Gambia continued like this, nice people, police who only wanted to ask us how we were and give us directions, and no problems at all! Very pleasantly surprised. The only thing that let the country down was the road, it was absolutely terrible. Considering this was the main and only road through the country we didn't have any options other than to crawl along apologising to the car. The entire surface was cratered with potholes, barely a flat section in sight.

We eventually got to Tendaba Camp, both us and the car breathing a sigh on relief. We enjoyed a couple of beers overlooking the river, watching the sun go down and partaking in a buffet put on by the camp which included 'bush pig' on the menu (aka warthog). And very tasty it was too! A lovely evening.


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