Thursday, 15 January 2009

Mountains and Mud

After Chefchaouen we decided to head for the coast, somewhere near Rabat was the plan. Upon arrival we struggled to find any campsites. The only one we knew of for sure was closed down, we were directed to another that was closed eventually stumbling across a patch of overgrown grass round the back of a police station that the guy wanted 100 dirham (£9) for. There was no hot water, showers or toilets to speak of, and his main selling point was the good security next to the police station. So rather than be ripped off we slept in the car in a car park overlooking the sea, a much better option!

We then moved on to Ouzoud the following day to visit the famous waterfalls, we arrived quite late and settled in for the evening with Hannah eating (or trying to at least) the biggest plate of couscous I've ever seen! I had a more moderately sized tagine. The next day we went for a walk to the falls after spending a while trying to shake off guides figuring we didn't need one for a well trodden foot path, we then got lost in a olive forest. It was a lovely place to be lost though. We turned back and took the 'easy route' without a guide instead. We couldn't go too far wrong with that. Stunning waterfalls, and a few more barbary apes (same as the ones in Gibraltar) to complete the African image. Hannah has now decided she doesn't like monkeys after one pulled Michelle's hair in Gibraltar and was a little terrified of them coming too close.

The next plan of action was to head to Essaouria, but having had a long discussion with a Morrocan where we were camping we decided to head to Agadir instead. He was telling us about the amazing and constant winds that blow up the coast. Makes the place a windsurfing Mecca, but we decided probably camping hell in the middle of winter.

We are most of the way to Agadir, unfortunately leaving later than expected, and the journey taking longer than expected we've driven off the road round behind some trees for our first night of wild camping. We have however decided to sleep in the car as we're at 1100m, it's a little windy, very cold and raining! Stunning scenery however.


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