Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Carry on South

We had a pleasant evening in the hotel we were staying in. Put on our best clothes, which aren't that great, and headed into the restaurant for a meal. It was all a little out of our budget so we ordered the two cheapest things on the menu. Hannah braved the one she didn't understand, a mistake I'd made in the past when I ended up with offal sausage. She also ended up with an offal sausage and after a couple of mouthfuls had totally lost her appetite. Hannah ended up trying to hide bits under my fish skin to make it look like she'd at least eaten some of it. Why is it that the delicacies of a country are often the ones you really don't want to eat?

We carried on south racing the cold air and spent the following evening in a cheap and cheerful hotel near the coast. Wanting a break from the driving the following day we headed into the Camargue delta for a bit of flamingo spotting. We spent the day wandering round soon realising there are only so many times you can say 'Oh, there's a flamingo'. It was still pretty cold, but the sun was out and had some warmth in it. Flamingos are renowned for flying around at sunset, so we hung around to wait for that as they are spectacular in flight. They didn't disappoint, with the orange light illuminating their pink feathers they looked stunning.

We then had another subzero night in the roof tent, although waking up with a warm sun made such a difference compared to waking up in Belgian snow flurries. We had our first problem with the car too, our break lights had stopped working. It was fairly quickly tracked down to a short in the lights was blowing the fuse whenever the break pedal was pressed. So a few blown fuses later and we were on our way to Barcelona to go and visit Barty.

We arrived in Barcelona with the temperature in double figures! (Just). We then proceeded to spend almost 2 hours looking for a suitable place to park. Having picked up Barty to act as a translator we eventually found a car park near the beach that was free during the winter, so that worked out pretty well. An enjoyable couple of nights in Barcelona eating tapas, drinking wine and going up hills so Hannah could get her rooftop fix. She has a condition that causes her to love looking at rooftops, so we always have to try to get to the highest point of every city we visit.

It turned out we'd timed our visit perfectly with the 3 kings parading through Barcelona throwing sweets, the parade marched through the street under Barty's flat window, so we hung out the window to watch the parade and kids scrumming to get the biggest haul of sweets they could. There was an amazing number of people lining the streets, it was a impressive sight from 6 floors up.

We're now on the road again racing away from the cold. With snow forecast in Barcelona and Valencia tomorrow we figured we should try to get south west of them for what will hopefully be our first night camping in positive temperatures!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,
I am glad to see you got my email.What is an offal sausage???
it dosnt sound nice either
Are you having a good time in Spain hope you are

love Eleanor
St christophers school

Class 6 year 5

9 January 2009 at 13:12  

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