Wednesday, 31 December 2008

We've Left!

And managed to do so in 2008, just!

Due to the wonders of modern technology I'm writing this sitting on a Dover to Dunkerque ferry. Our plan for a new year in Paris was scuppered at the last minute by the popularity of camping in freezing weather on mainland Europe and the only campsite in Paris being full. So, with a change of country we're heading for new year in Bruges, apparently we can take part in a new year sing song there!

We also enjoyed our first of what I'm sure will be many customs searches this trip, just 15 minutes from home. Not a good start! Once we opened the car they decided not to bother searching though, think they were scared (or just wanted to be nosy!).

Next entry will be from the land of the overpriced Euro, but I will try to refrain from ranting on about UK monetary policy in this blog.


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