Monday, 8 December 2008

If we weren't delayed you'd be surprised

With our jobs done and dusted, our planned leaving date rapidly approaching, and our actual leaving date rapidly slipping away, I can safely say we're disorganised. I've always thrived on my disorganised lifestyle, I feel that Hannah finds it a little more stressful. The last minute decision that I needed more blank pages in my passport and the realisation a few days ago that my driving license was MIA didn't help the situation. We also had the slightly inconvenient experience of having most of our savings in Icesave. Thankfully the FSA came good on their guarantee and we got it all back a couple of weeks ago.

Things are however slowly falling into place, we're still waiting for the bank guarantee to come through for the Carnet, which we're expecting any day now. Then according to Paul Gowen, aka, Mr Carnet from the RAC, it'll take them a couple of weeks to sort the rest. Other than that the only thing we have left to finish off is everything else!

We're feeling more confident with the car than we were. A worrying clunk from the rear axel was causing concern. Eventually tracked down to a stripped thread on a diff stabiliser bar, so nothing a bit of welding wouldn't sort out. Tent downsized, old tent sold, trying to pack and repack, and then wondering why on earth we need so much stuff. It's all progress though.

You may have also noticed a shiny new web site. Although I can create a web site fairly easily, my ability to create something aesthetically pleasing seems to be limited. Many thanks to Rick Webb for that (That really is his name). While I'm on the thanks, I'd also like to thank Matt, Veron and Heidi for putting us up on their lounge floor for almost 7 weeks. Due to a fixed length contract we were kicked out of our previous flat at a very inconvenient time!

On that note, I better get on with doing something more useful. Hopefully the next time the diary is updated it will be to say we're leaving.


Anonymous Andy said...

Hey thanks for the link! All the best with your trip sounds immense. Dont worry about the last minute delays, you've got to have a few.
Macclesfields Finest

14 December 2008 at 21:38  

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