Friday, 8 August 2008

Eagle Eye Paul

The other day we took the day off work to drive up to Peterborough and visit Footloose 4x4. We went though the whole vehicle with Paul who immediately pointed out what he believed were general design flaws. He tried to talk us out of the 4 man tent, which he's managed to do as long as we can sell it! See pic, Any Buyers? We then got the car onto the hydraulic lift to take a peek underneath. 2 minor oil leaks and a minor fuel leak immediately spotted, along with hairline cracks in bushes, missing bolts here and there. All seen and noted down. That man has an amazing eye for detail!

There were also a few things pointed out which weren't perfect, but we shouldn't have to replace if we want to save a little money. Always nice to feel you're not being ripped off and told to rebuild the entire vehicle!

I was concerned we'd payed a lot of money for an overpriced frying pan (The transmission was getting pretty hot!) but apparently he was a good buy, which is always nice to hear. Generally Stanley is in pretty good health, no real rust, and no obvious major problems.

Why is it that boats are always female, but cars seem to be able to be either sex? It appears that overland vehicles generally have male names, but I guess they usually are quite manly machines.

So, back to the point. We've now waved goodbye to the car for a few weeks, he's going to get totally dismantled and required spares purchased. Once that's done we'll go back up to Footloose and put him back together again with Paul / other mechanics so that we know him inside out. Always handy!

Starting to really look forward to getting out of London, getting excited already and departure is still 4 months away!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to see "Stanley" is being taken care of. Also great to see the bullet camera is still working. If Stanley returns to the UK in good condition I might buy him/it back. My two daughters still speak very fondly about their Africa Landcruiser. Take care and God Bless from Stanley's previous owners.

1 September 2008 at 11:15  

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