Sunday, 20 July 2008

A little camping trip

We're just back from our first real trial run with the vehicle (christened Stanley since our last entry) - a week in Pembrokeshire (well known for its similarity to Africa...). The three main things we learnt.

  1. Stanley is far more capable than we thought!
  2. We MUST be organised in Africa
  3. Always choose the more sheltered camping spot

On the first day of our holiday, we'd booked an off road driving course with Wood Park 4x4, which proved to be extremely useful. Neither Will nor I had any idea about off road driving beforehand, and Richard, our instructor, talked us through negotiating Stanley up, down and across far steeper slopes and stickier mud than we would have imagined possible, and we can now talk confidently about our differentials! It was also useful to have the chance to go through a lot of our recovery gear with Richard, and various pieces of equipment in the car. (You can find out more about our off road driving here).

Once instructed in our off road driving techniques, we headed off to the cliffs to test out the rest of the equipment, camping for a few days - via the green lanes of Pembrokeshire, obviously! The tent was a success - causing a spectacle at the campsite (thanks to those of you who came and said hello and asked us about it rather than just gawping!!), despite the windy location, the racket made by tent flapping around and the sensation of seasickness caused by the car bouncing around in the wind during the night!

The theme of the holiday seemed to be "where's xxxxx?", "I don't know, I'm sure I've seen it somewhere..." as there are so many different compartments in the car where things could be, so we HAVE to get ourselves organised for the real big trip!


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