Thursday, 17 April 2008

And we're off...

Well, we flew up to Aberdeen the day after Hannah had run the marathon to look at an expedition prepared Land Cruiser. Having got up at 2:45am with lots of hobbling around from Hannah we got out the house and were on our way.

The vehicle was owned by the 2c2k crew and has already done London to Cape Town once. With 120,000 miles on the clock it had been a bit further than I would have liked, and it cost a bit more than I would have liked. It did however appear in pretty good condition and well kitted out. So after several hours of trying to take in all the features and quirks we made the decision to take the vehicle.

Unfortunately the vehicle was an automatic, but having been advised by Paul Marsh at FootLoose4x4 that the automatic gear boxes on the LC weren't something we had to worry about too much we decided to just go for it.

We then had a 12 hour drive back to get used to the vehicle, with a brief stop at Hannah's parents in Stockport to refuel our stomachs. No real traumas on route apart from turning on the wipers every time we wanted to indicate. The LC certainly rolls and understeers a lot more than my little Peugeot 106, but we got to grips with it fairly quickly.

Now parked outside the house looking very out of place, we have the get the rest of the trip sorted and learn the vehicle inside out (No small task!). We'll do a few camping trips in the coming months to establish what we do and don't like and to make sure we're as prepared as we can be.


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